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Tax Services

We offer a range of tax services to both business owners and individuals living throughout Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, and Chilliwack. All of our tax services are tailored to suit the needs of each client in order to provide them with the best advice and services possible.


Our cost-effective bookkeeping services will allow you to spend more time focusing on your business and less time stressing out over your business' books. Our team can ensure that you have well-kept financial records for helping you reach true business success.

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Business Consulting

All of our business consulting services for small businesses in Langley, Mission, Chilliwack, and Abbotsford are designed to help you achieve both personal and business-related success. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are receiving the best advice and services for your unique business.

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Small Business Bookkeeping Services


As a small business bookkeeping services company for clients throughout the Lower Mainland, our team at Leskun & Son Accounting has had the opportunity to work with a variety of small businesses across many different industries. In our experience, we have found that a lot of small businesses are challenged with accounting, bookkeeping and payroll responsibilities. Some small businesses do not have the scale to hire an accounting department. Other small businesses lack the time or familiarity with bookkeeping that is necessary to successfully maintain basic accounting and bookkeeping practices. Whatever the reason may be, enlisting Leskun & Son Accounting to handle your small business’s bookkeeping services will ensure that your business is prepared for future growth.

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Small Business Bookkeeping and write-up services

In order for your small business to grow, you will need to generate an accurate understanding of its current financial position. This can only be achieved through accurate, well-organized financial records. Part of our small business bookkeeping services at Leskun & Son Accounting involves assisting your business with day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. Our qualified and experienced team will make sure all of your business’s financials are balanced, organized and easy to understand.

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Small business payroll services

Payroll plays an imperative role in the success of small businesses. When small businesses do not have proper payroll systems in place, operations will suffer and the business will have a difficult time expanding. With the small business bookkeeping services at Leskun & Son Accounting, our experienced team has you covered. For small businesses that need help setting up a proper payroll system, we can help. Our knowledgeable team of qualified payroll experts can set up a payroll system with the proper controls so that it is both reliable and efficient. For small businesses that lack the staff or time necessary to handle a payroll system, we can take over the day-to-day payroll operations so that you can focus more energy on your product/service and customers.

Small business financial statements

Another important part of small business bookkeeping is the preparation of financial statements. Not only does Leskun & Son Accounting prepare small business financial statements in accordance with professional standards, we do it in a way so that it is easy for business owners to understand. When preparing financial statements, our team thoroughly reviews the statements and provides recommendations on areas where small businesses can improve upon and save money.

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To learn more about small business bookkeeping services from Leskun & Son Accounting, please contact us at 604-532-0061 or request an appointment by filling out a form on our website. For over 3 generations, Leskun & Son Accounting has been providing business services such as tax services, bookkeeping services and business consulting services to small businesses throughout the Lower Mainland. We take great pride in our best-in-class service and straightforward, affordable rates. Please contact the professional, personable team of accountants at Leskun & Son today.

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